2015 Spring Intersession Courses

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100 Level Courses

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200 Level Courses

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300 Level Courses

321.004: Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction

MTWRF May 11-15 0900-1300 (Hybrid)
Diane Thiel, dthiel@unm.edu

This course offers a fun and innovative way for students to develop technique in writing fiction. It is an ideal opportunity to complete a full credit 300 level course in a short period of time, using an intensive writing conference model. Exercises and workshops will focus on various concerns involved in the writing of fiction, such as developing scenes and plot, creating tension, setting, dialogue, characterization, theme, style and tone. Students will read stories by a range of writers, including Tim O'Brien, Alice Munro, Jamaica Kincaid, Sherman Alexie, among others. This course will also involve some emphasis on the way working in other genres (nonfiction, drama, poetry) can inform the writing of fiction. A final portfolio of 20 pages of fiction (in-class exercises and two more expanded pieces) will be due at the end of the course. We will engage in a number of inspiring exercises throughout the course, designed to get creativity flowing. Interested students can register through the system or contact Professor Diane Thiel, at dthiel@unm.edu. This course will be held at the West Side campus. For more information about Diane Thiel (a UNM Full Professor and author of books in several genres) please see her webpage: www.dianethiel.net.

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400 Level Courses

417.001: Editing

MTWRFS 1200-1600, May 18 to 29
Andrew Bourelle, abourelle@unm.edu

This intensive two-week summer course will focus on technical and professional editing, but the material covered will be applicable to anyone interested in improving writing or editing skills. In addition to proofreading for punctuation, mechanics, and spelling, students will practice editing documents for consistency, accuracy, usability, and audience consideration.

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500 Level Courses

540.002: T: Multimodal & Online Pedagogy

MTWRF 1200-1600: 5/18-5/29
Tiffany Bourelle, tbourell@unm.edu 

Why should you take this course? Teaching online requires more than just transferring your existing face-to-face curriculum to the online environment; it involves carefully crafting your assignments for distance students, creating scaffolding exercises and tools (videos, sound bites, etc.) to promote student success, and developing your online persona to foster community among students. This course will teach you the theory and pedagogy behind teaching multimodal composition in the online environment, helping you understand how to use digital technologies effectively and flexibly to reach a wide variety of student learners. During the seminar, you will design your own online course to teach in subsequent semesters though our online program called eComp.

We will also offer a fall version of this course. Please email Dr. Bourelle with your interest in taking this intersession course.

540.003: Teaching Stretch and Studio Composition

MTWRF 0900-1300 May 18-29
Bethany Davila, bdavila@unm.edu

This course will prepare you to teach Stretch Composition at UNM by introducing you to relevant theory and pedagogy in the areas of basic writing, multilingual writing, multimodal composition, reading, and metacognition. While English 537 aims to give you a broad understanding of teaching composition using a genre approach, this course asks you to consider how to tailor your pedagogy for students who may require additional layers of support. We will encourage you to, above all else, view your students' existing skills and literacies as resources that can be built upon in your class. And, of course, we will support you in developing a course that will promote your students' progress toward our student learning outcomes.

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600 Level Courses

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