MA in Rhetoric and Writing

Welcome to the website for the University of New Mexico’s Master’s Program in Rhetoric and Writing. If you haven't done so, we recommend you visit the Rhetoric and Writing Program home to learn more about program faculty and ongoing projects. Below, please find the general path of study for our Master’s Program. Please do not hesitate to contact a faculty member with questions, as we enjoy hearing from prospective students. Thank you again for visiting our site and we hope you consider joining us at the University of New Mexico.

Course Requirements (32 hrs)

This degree requires 32 hours of coursework. Students may choose an emphasis in Writing or Teaching; all students work under Plan II (no thesis); a portfolio (Engl. 596) is required. For complete requirements, see the Graduate Handbook.

Core Courses (9 hrs)

Engl. 542: Major Texts in Rhetoric (3 hrs)
Engl. 543: Contemporary Texts in Rhetoric (3 hrs)
Engl. 537, 538, or 539: Teaching Composition, Writing Theory for Teachers or Teaching Professional Writing (3 hrs)

Distribution and Seminar Requirements (10 hrs)

Students must take at least three courses, including one four-hour seminar, chosen from no fewer than two of the following groups:

A. British literature to 1660
B. British literature from 1660 to 1900
C. American literature to 1900
D. Literatures in English since 1900
E. Literary criticism and theory, rhetoric and writing.

General Electives: (12 hrs)

Four courses from among 538-545, 513-520, 587, or other courses in English as approved by their Committee on Studies (COS) and the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies (ACGS); students may offer up to six hours of courses from departments outside of English as electives approved by their COS and the ACGS; students may offer up to six hours of English 597 (Problems) for work related to teacher training or professional writing experience, as approved by their COS and the ACGS.

MA Portfolio, Engl. 596 (at least 1 hour)

In the semester before graduation, students prepare a portfolio of work under the direction of their COS which is presented for evaluation in the ninth week of the student’s final semester of attendance.

Emphasis in Teaching

Within the 32 hours of required coursework, Teaching Emphasis students take 537, 538 or 539 (depending on what they take for the Core Requirement above) plus nine hours in other pedagogy-based courses offered in English, the College of Education, or other departments as approved by their COS and the ACGS; up to six hours may be offered as Teaching Practicum (Engl. 597, Problems).

Emphasis in Professional Writing

Within the 32 hours of required coursework, Professional Writing Emphasis students must take 539, either in the Core Requirement or as an elective, plus nine or twelve hours (depending on where they count 539) from 513-520, 587. Professional Writing Emphasis students may take up to six hours of courses in other departments as approved by their COS and the ACGS; up to six hours may be offered as Professional Writing Internship (Engl. 598, Internship, CR/NC) as approved by their COS and the ACGS.

Foreign Language Requirement

All MA students in Rhetoric and Writing must demonstrate competence with a grade of B or better through a second semester, second-year level course or through a graduate-level reading course in a language other than English. Course work from previous institutions, course work at UNM, and CLEP or UNM-administered tests may be used to fulfill the language requirement. Language course credits cannot be used as part of the 32-hour degree requirement. With the approval of the major advisor and the ACGS, students in the MA program in Rhetoric and Writing may substitute competence with a research skill such as Computer Science or Statistics for their one required foreign language.