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Graduate Studies Handbook

Graduate Studies Handbook (Web)
Graduate Studies Handbook (.pdf)

Departmental Administrative Resources

Application for Research and Travel Grants
Appointment of Committee on Studies
Announcement of Examination / Comprehensive Examination Form
Application for Candidacy
Appointment of Dissertation Committee
Dissertation Prospectus Defense Form
Graduate Deadlines
Program of Studies (MA)
Thesis or Dissertation information cover sheet
Thesis or Dissertation certification of final form

Academic Resources

MA Medieval Studies 50 Item List
Medieval Studies Secondary Sources

PhD Reading Lists

Doctoral students are expected to use these PhD reading lists as guides in preparing for their comprehensive examinations. The lists are suggestive rather than definitive, beginning points for discussion between the students and their Committees on Studies. Students and professors should work together to refine these lists for the comprehensive examinations and subsequent scholarly work, in which students analyze, assess, and synthesize major writers, texts, and concepts in their fields of study.

Literary Historical Periods

Old English
Middle English
Early Modern Literature
Georgian Literature
British & Irish Romanticism
Early American
Nineteenth Century American
Modern American
Modern Irish Literature
Contemporary British & American
Contemporary Rhetoric
Classical Rhetoric

Thematic Lists

African American Literature
Chicana/o Literature
Composition & Discourse
Criticism & Theory
Indigenous Literature
Literature In Transition
Postcolonial Theory

Other Resources

Writing a PhD Prospectus

Teaching Assistant Resources

Core Writing Program Instructor Handbook
English 150: Study of Literature Course Description and Guidelines for Instructors
English 219 Sample Syllabus (pdf)
 English 219 Sample Syllabus (Word)
English 292 Sample Syllabus (pdf)
English 293 Sample Syllabus (pdf)
World Literature Bedford  Vol. 1 Sample Syllabus
World Literature Bedford  Vol. 2 Sample Syllabus
Required Training for Teaching Assistants

Academic Job Search Resources

Campus Interview and Research Presentations
CV Writing Instructions
Entering the Job Market
How to Prepare for the Academic Job Market (MFA)
The Letter of Application
MLA Information and Guidelines for Job Seekers and Hiring Departments
MLA Interviews
MLA Interview Questions
Negotiating for the Job (Tomorrow's Professor)
Research Statements
Teaching Statement and Teaching Portfolio
Teaching Philosophy Compilation
Teaching Portfolios (Clancy Ratliff)
Teaching Philosophy/Statement (U Mich)

Also Helpful
ADE Articles on the Academic Job Market
Archuleta: Notes on MLA Conference Interviews
Croxall: How to Create Digital Letterhead
Fant: Sure, I Can Teach That
Heiberger/Vick: How to Write Appealing Cover Letters
Houston: Creating and Maintaining a CV
Lang: 4 Steps to a Memorable Teaching Philosophy
Moore: Timing Job Market Entry
O'Neal: Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy
Salary Comparisons (AAUP)
Stivale: The Long Distance Interviewer
Stivale: The MLA Moment
Vick: The CV Doctor Is Back
Vick/Furlong: What to Expect in a First-Round Interview
Winzenburg: How Skype is Changing the Interview Process

Chronicle Articles
Hanway: How to Land a Job at Small College
Hara: Advice to Incoming Tenure-Track Professors
Heathcott: Trained for Nothing
Jenkins: Can I Teach at a Community College?
Jenkins: The Discount Professorship
June: Tight Job Market and ABD Candidates
Mulrooney: Acting Like a Graduate Student
Perlmutter/Porter: Thinking Beyond the Dissertation
Thompson: Visiting Instructor
White: You Work Where?
Zimbleman: Interviewing for a Job at a Community College