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Profiles of Current Interns

Anna Adams

Professional Writing Intern

Anna AdamsMy name is Anna Adams, and I am a professional writing student at the University of New Mexico. I will graduate December 2014 with a Bachelor's in English and German and a minor in interdisciplinary studies. I currently work as a German and writing tutor at the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) at UNM, and I also write articles for the UNM Foundation. In the future, I am interested in continuing my education in German studies and remaining in the professional writing field.

Kelsey Barela

Professional Writing Intern

Kelset BarelaKelsey Barela is a senior at the University of New Mexico, completing her Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Religious Studies. She will graduate in December of 2014. She is currently interning with UNM Public Events at the Marketing Department of Popejoy Hall where she writes, edits, and proofreads press releases and performance guides, as well as assists with mailers, brochures, and fundraising materials.

Kelsey has taken many beneficial classes through the Professional Writing program at UNM that will improve her skills in a professional context. These include multiple Creative Writing courses, Expository Writing, Introduction to Professional Writing, Editing, Visual Rhetoric and Stylistic Analysis. She also participated in reading submissions for the Blue Mesa Review, a literary magazine through UNM. Along with these courses, she also took a summer course in Perugia, Italy, in which she studied and wrote about Italian Gardens, the history behind them, and the way in which they have evolved.

Upon graduating, she hopes to begin a career in which she can assist in editing and publishing for magazines or novels. She also hopes to find a way to incorporate her love for creative writing and photography.

Joseph Buck

Professional Writing Intern

Joseph BuckI have worked in radio for over eight years performing various tasks from producing to on-air responsibilities. I am currently a junior at the University of New Mexico working on a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism with a multimedia focus. Writing is one of my passions as I create content for various websites along with my own blog which is why I also decided to minor in professional writing. Working in and around sports is my current and career focus.

Moriah Carty

Professional Writing Intern

Moriah CartyUNM Professional Writing and Spanish student, Moriah Carty will graduate in May 2015 with a double major. Her course work involves Introduction to Professional Writing, Technical Writing, Grant and Proposal Writing, Visual Rhetoric, Expository Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophical and Critical Thinking, Documentation, Editing, Phonetics and Phonology of Spanish, Developing Spanish Writing, Medical and Public Health Spanish. Upon graduation she hopes to attend graduate school where she will study rhetoric and communications. Moriah is on the Dean’s list and is currently interning at the Daily Lobo where she writes at least one feature story per week in the Culture section. She also works at The UPS Store where she uses Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and minimal experience in Illustrator. Working within retail has taught her a lot about how customers interpret and understand information, as well as knowing the needs before the need is needed. Although she has a full day, she still makes time for outdoor sports and photography. One of her favorite pastimes are rock climbing and mountain biking. She also tries to keep an active webpage where she uploads published works and personal accounts of her adventures.

Victoria Chacon

Professional Writing Major, Communications Minor, Digital Media Associate, and Movie Enthusiast

Photo: Victoria Chacon

Victoria Chacon is a senior in the Professional Writing Program here at UNM with a minor in Communication and also working on an associate degree in Digital Media. As a student Victoria enjoys learning about building and designing documents. Victoria has completed professional writing courses such as Editing, and Intro to Professional Writing. Victoria is currently taking courses in Proposal and Grant Writing and the Internship Seminar that has given her the opportunity to search for internships within her field.

Victoria is currently interning with ABQ-Live The Magazine, and has worked with writing and page layout, her work can be found in Issue 10 of ABQ-Live The Magazine.   Victoria's communications courses have helped her learn about audiences and how various situations call for various writing skills and abilities. Courses such as Business and Professional Speaking, Interviewing, and Magazine Writing are just a few of the courses that have prepared her for the work she does outside of school. Victoria's Digital Media work has also had a great influence on her work both in the academic and professional setting.  

After graduation, Victoria hopes to work in an industry where she can both write and design various documents. Victoria has experience working with design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which have helped her in her writing career. Victoria hopes to one day work in the film industry and use her writing and designing skills to help promote film in New Mexico. When not in school Victoria enjoys drawing, reading, and animating, among other things.

Please visit Victoria's Online Professional Writing Portfolio for more information about her work!

Desiree Cordova

Professional Writing Intern

Desiree Cordova

Desiree Cordova is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She will graduate in the fall of 2014 with a major in Professional Writing and a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications.  She completed coursework in editing, grant and proposal writing, and creative writing.

Desiree has participated in an interactive marketing internship for Heritage Hotels and Resorts, where she worked she managed several social media sites and wrote the company blog.  Her most recent internship was for ABQ-Live the Magazine, where she wrote and edited articles, managed the blog and social networks and created formal business documents for the business.

After graduation Desiree hopes to find a career in professional writing.  The skills she learned from UNM Professional Writing courses along with her expertise in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Social Media Platforms will give her a head start in the job market.

Maria Elwan

Professional Writing Intern

Maria ElwanMaria Elwan is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She is scheduled to graduate in December 2014 with a B.A. in English - Professional Writing Concentration and a minor in Sustainability Studies. She has completed coursework in Proposal and Grant Writing and Visual Rhetoric.

She was selected as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and was part of the 2012-13 Cohort that took part in an intensive graduate school prep program.

In addition to her studies, Maria is actively involved in researching sustainable living and is combining her passions for sustainability and documentary film production. As part of her UNM coursework she wrote, directed and produced a mini documentary about Living Off The Grid.

To further her commitment to community empowerment, she is also on the Board of Directors of ABQ Hours Exchange, a time banking exchange in Albuquerque, whose members exchange services for time instead of money.

Upon graduation, Maria plans to continue researching and writing about sustainable living and refining her documentary making skills. She plans to apply to interdisciplinary graduate programs that combine her interests in film and communication.

Natalie Gaik

Professional Writing and Communications Student

Photo: Natalie Gaik

Natalie Gaik is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She is studying English with a focus in Professional Writing and pursuing a minor in Communication. She hopes to graduate from UNM in the fall of 2013 and plans on going to graduate school to further her education. The graduate schools she is currently considering are DePaul University in Chicago, IL and Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Natalie was born in Stuttgart, Germany and grew up an Army Brat, something that has played a big role in shaping her easy-going yet focused personality. She has many interests, which show through the courses she takes. She loves words and language and has taken both Spanish and Latin courses throughout her time at UNM. She has also delved into social psychology, philosophy, and web design. She loves Shakespeare and is fascinated by the Tudor era in English history.

Natalie has been working at Barnes and Noble Bookstore for the past two years, which has given her a wider knowledge of the book industry. She hopes one day to be a successful publisher or editor. Natalie would be happy working for a book-publishing house, editing for women’s magazines, or teaching at the high school level.

Samuel Gallardo

Professional Writing Intern

Samuel GallardoProfessional Writing Major and Business Minor Samuel Gallardo is a senior at UNM and will graduate in the spring of 2015. Some of his class courses consist of Professional Writing, Editing, Legal Writing, and Visual Rhetoric. He has an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from the Central New Mexico Community College. He plans to continue his education by going for an MBA through the Anderson School of Management at UNM. Samuel has had experience working at PS Disability Advocates, a small law firm that helps clients get disability, for almost eight years. He has volunteered with SWOP and Rooted in the Community, which are two food justice programs. He is also a member of four different school organizations at UNM. Samuel is proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, and can speak Spanish fluently. Samuel’s passion is creative writing and he is taking advanced creative writing courses in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Samuel is an intern at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. His work consists of writing and editing annual reports, bi-monthly newsletters, and helping organize events.

Vicky Jo Gonzales

Professional Writing Intern

Vicky Jo Gonzales is currently a senior at the University of New Mexico (UNM), where she plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with an emphasis in Professional Writing, and a Minor in History. Vicky graduated with honors from Central NM Community College in 2011 with an AS degree in Integrated Studies.

Vicky has several years of experience in Finance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NM and Bank of America, formerly Sunwest Bank of Albuquerque where she obtained experience in various forms of technical and creative writing. She is currently working as an Intern for the University of NM, Office for the Associate Vice President for Student Services, Center for Education Policy Research, and assists with writing College/Career Readiness Proposals.

Vicky also enjoys creative writing, and has been working on a memoir for the past two years. She is passionate about animals and has an immense interest in animal welfare, particularly in helping abused and abandoned dogs. Currently, her main emphasis is to help improve education policy in NM, particularly for underrepresented and disadvantaged students of all ages, races and ethnicities. Vicky has considerations to pursue her Master’s Degree at the Anderson School of Management, School of Public Administration, or the College of Education here at UNM.

Allison Johnson

Professional Writing Intern

Allison Johnson is a senior at the University of New Mexico, anticipating graduation in December 2015. She is earning her Bachelor’s of Arts in English, concentrating in Professional Writing with a minor in Art History. Allison has a deep love and respect for contemporary and traditional Native American artwork and she recently completed an internship with the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. Her tasks included Artist Services support, writing, editing documents and spreadsheets and research for potential grant funding. She assisted Artist Services and Marketing in the planning and execution of this year’s 94th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market. She has completed coursework in grant writing, professional writing, editing, technical writing, and creative writing. She also has film and digital photography experience and has completed photography studio and history courses. Allison is an active member of the UNM Lobo Parenting Cubs, and she also volunteers at the Los Jardines Institute in the South Valley community. In her free time, she loves to read and share her passion for Indigenous arts, culture, and history.

Lauren Kedge

Professional Writing Intern

Lauren KedgeLauren Kedge is currently a senior at the University of New Mexico pursuing a double major in Professional Writing and Spanish. She has completed several professional writing based classes: Editing, Proposals & Grant Writing, Blogging, Traditional Grammar, and Technical Writing. Lauren is a fluent Spanish speaker. She has completed several upper division Spanish courses, including three courses while studying abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador. She is carrying a 3.98 cumulative GPA and has been on the Dean’s List since her first semester of college. She is a student in the UNM Honors Program and will graduate with an honors designation.

For her Professional Writing Internship Seminar, Lauren is working in the law office of Christina Rosado, where she works on several immigration and nationality cases. She spends most of her time preparing cases by revising affidavits, gathering necessary documents, communicating with clients, and writing waivers. Lauren’s previous employment at Athlethes Edge, a local running store, and Boxing Bear, a local microbrewery, has prepared her for communicating with clients.

Lauren will graduate in May 2015 and hopes to attend the UNM law school in the fall. She plans to continue working with Christina Rosado throughout the spring semester.

Marcus Keithley

Professional Writing Intern

Marcus Keithley is a junior at the University of New Mexico with a double major in Professional Writing and Languages (specializing in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese). His professional writing courses include Introduction to Professional Writing, Expository Writing, and Editing. He is currently taking Hispanic Literature (an advanced Spanish class) and Intermediate Chinese. Marcus is currently an intern at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, working with their volunteer coordinator to write a guide to the job. He has been a volunteer there in various capacities since 2007. Marcus plans on attending law school after graduating from UNM in May 2017.

Katherine Mull←

Professional Writing Intern

Katherine MulléKatherine Mullé is a senior at the University of New Mexico. After studying abroad in Europe, she plans to graduate in 2015 with a B.A. in Professional Writing and a minor in Anthropology. Katherine has taken courses in professional writing, editing, proposal and grant writing, communication and journalism, composition writing, and expository writing, as well as a variety of literature courses. She has discovered her passion in communicating and expressing ideas through the art of writing, finding great satisfaction in creating and editing pieces that exude clarity and comprehension.

Katherine is currently interning at La Montanita Food Co-op, where she is assisting the editor of the Co-op Connection News. Her tasks include writing and editing articles, press releases, blog posts, e-news blasts, and other business documents as needed. She looks forward to gaining experience in the start to finish production of a monthly community newspaper, as well as a variety of other business related writing. When she’s not typing away at her laptop, Katherine enjoys participating in many other activities/societies at UNM, including The National Society for Leadership and Success, Jitterbugs Anonymous, and the Mountaineering Club. In her spare time (assuming she’s not still typing away at her laptop), she can be found reading well-loved books, pouring over recipe blogs, and daydreaming about travel.

Enoch Platero

Professional Writing Intern

Enoch Platero is a senior at UNM pursuing a BA in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in communication. Set on graduating in Spring 2015, Enoch is preparing himself to enter the industry as an aspiring technical writer in government, law, and sciences. Fittingly, he is now an intern with the City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Administration department analyzing and reporting technical concepts to general audiences. Having been focused on writing at a young age, Enoch has achieved a comprehensive background in writing and editing that he will utilize in applying for and attending graduate school in his home city of Boston. Aside from writing, Enoch also enjoys piano playing, singing, and volleyball. He is also an accomplished makeup artist, baker, and cake decorator. Other academic interests include socio-linguistics, cognitive psychology, mediation, and interpersonal communication.

Sadie Sanabria

Professional Writing Intern

Sadie SanabriaI’m currently a senior pursuing a double Major in English Professional Writing and Psychology. I originally paired the two because I had planned to go into clinical psychology, but after taking several child and developmental psychology courses and helping to raise my nephew I’ve learned I’m much more interested in interacting with children in a non-clinical environment.  I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of children and see them on their goods days and bad, elementary education is the solution I’ve found. Luckily the internship program allows me to pursue more wholeheartedly this interest as well as fulfil my degree requirements.

Monica Schmitt

Professional Writing Intern

Monica Schmitt is a senior at UNM pursuing a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Anthropology. She has taken multiple classes at UNM that have positively influenced her passion for reading, writing, and written communication, including Intermediate and Advanced Creative Nonfiction, Contemporary Literature, Reasoning & Critical Thinking, and Expository Writing.

Monica is currently working as an editorial intern at Albuquerque The Magazine where she is able to utilize her creative writing skills in a professional environment by assisting staff writers research and write small features. She hopes to continue writing creatively in a professional environment upon graduation and looks forward to where her English degree will take her. Monica will graduate in December 2015.

Samantha Serrano

Professional Writing Intern

Samantha Serrano is a senior at the University of New Mexico seeking degrees in Professional Writing and Philosophy with a Pre-law concentration.  She plans to attend law school and become a lawyer specializing in Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties.

Samantha has taken a wide variety of English classes ranging from professional writing to literature and analysis. In those classes she has learned how to create professional documents as well as write literary analysis' and literary critiques. In addition, her philosophy classes have taught her how to write philosophical critiques. She intends to use the skills taught in these classes to grow as a writer and transfer those skills to help her as a lawyer.

Samantha has completed two professional writing internships, one as a bulletin editor at The Shrine of St. Bernadette and the other as an intern for Project Defending Life. Her work there has taught her the importance of working as a team, communicating effectively with others, the importance of obedience, and time management. In addition to her internships, she has directed two student organizations. Those experiences have taught her how to manage teams, organize events, listen to the needs of members, and make important decisions. All of these skills easily transfer to the realm of professional writing.

Samantha expects to graduate in December of 2014. She plans to continue learning about the legal system and enter law school in August of 2015. Her dedication to her work as a student as well as her work ethic will set her up as a prime candidate for potential law schools and employment opportunities.   ​

Erinn Tibbs

Professional Writing Intern

Erinn TibbsErinn Tibbs English Major, Journalism Minor, and Movie Fanatic Erinn Tibbs is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She is majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing and minoring in Communication and Journalism. Erinn is currently taking notable courses for her major such as Editing, Documentation, and the Internship Seminar. She just accepted an internship with Stone Lion Environmental, LLC, which specializes in classified destruction and sanitization operations for Sandia National Laboratories and the Department of Energy. Previously, Erinn held an internship with Sandia National Laboratories as a member of the CASoS Engineering program. Her duties included editorial and bibliographic support for several CASoS projects. Erinn has also taken additional classes for her major and minor, most notably Writing and Editing for Multimedia Journalism, Multimedia and Visual Communication, and Magazine Writing. After graduation, Erinn hopes to use her professional writing and journalism experience to explore the field of publishing, one that she has always been interested in and yearns to learn more about. She wishes to gain a position either at a publishing house or within a publication staff. In the meantime, Erinn will stick to her hobby of watching and seeing movies. She has gained the uncanny ability of memorizing movie quotes and tidbits of movie trivia.

Jennifyr Vickery

Professional Writing Intern

Jennifyr Vickery is a senior at the University of New Mexico, completing her Bachelor’s degree as a double major in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and Philosophy. Additionally she is getting a designation in Interdisciplinary Studies from University Honors College. Jennifyr is currently interning at Dathan Weems Law Firm where she is helping rewrite the firm’s website, edit letters to clients, and has written and helped design other promotional work for the firm. Jennifyr has taken a variety of classes within the Professional Writing department at UNM including Grant and Proposal Writing, Editing, Legal Writing, Introduction to Professional Writing, Expository Writing, and Creative Writing. Jennifyr has been accepted into the English honors program at UNM, and is looking forward to working on an honors thesis throughout her senior year. She also currently works for Albuquerque Public Schools as a mentor and coach for a high school debate team. Upon graduating, she hopes to attend law school and continue with a career in the legal field.