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The Writer's Portfolio: A Sample

This sample portfolio is intended to give an example of format and content. Remember that presentation is important, and simplicity is best. Choose a simple, readable font and use it consistently throughout your portfolio.

Title Page

Keep the title page simple. Your name is all that is needed after the title of the portfolio itself. Remember, your resume follows (or is included somewhere in the portfolio) and that has your address, phone number and other pertinent information.

Sample Portfolio Title Page

Table of Contents

The portfolio should be designed for quick and easy reader access. Give your readers a well formatted table of contents that allows them to go immediately to the information they most want to see. Note how this portfolio is divided by genre into the writing areas represented and that the types of the documents (memo report, essay, and so on) are also given.

Table of Contents Sample


Include Your Resume

Note how the second level headings convey the important information: job titles, not the dates of employment. The key experience, "developed a manual is boldfaced to make it jump off the page at the interviewer. Extra copies of the resume may be found in the pockets on the front cover of the binder.

Resume Sample


First Section

Portfolio Sample First Section


Second Section

Sample Portfolio Second Section


Literary Essay

Sample Portfolio Literary Essay