Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of English offers study in four major disciplines: Creative Writing, Literary Studies, Medieval Studies and Rhetoric and Writing.

Creative Writing: The Creative Writing program offers both an undergraduate degree and a Masters in Fine Arts. Students can focus on one of three genres –fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction but are encouraged to explore all forms and stretch their own definitions of genre. Our diverse student population helps create a vibrant and welcoming community, something we encourage with our many program events. 

Literary Studies: Literary Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of New Mexico involve the examination of cultural productions that articulate a rich history of human experience. Undergraduates can follow one of three concentration: liberal arts, pre-graduate, or pre-law all of which use the study of literature to inform the particular area of focus, providing a rich foundation for life after graduation. Graduate students can choose to focus in American Literary Studies or in British and Irish Literature. The program offers a variety of opportunities for travel, research and professional development, with the ultimate goal of producing graduates with exceptional experience and excellent hiring potential.

Medieval Studies: The Medieval Studies program has a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Medieval civilization from approximately 650 - 1450 a.d. and allows students to take advantage of relevant courses in Old and Middle English, Philosophy, Art History, History, and Foreign Language & Literature. This approach produces a culturally rich academic environment and allows students to focus on nuances of study they might not otherwise have the resources to explore. The program offers MA and PhD concentration degrees and has in place a professional community and support for graduate students in the Medieval Graduate Students in English organization. Learn more at the MEGSE website. Undergraduate students may choose to major in English in the Liberal Arts Concentration, focusing their course work on Medieval Literature or they may follow the period studies minor. A University-wide Medieval Studies minor is offered through the Institute for Medieval Studies.
Learn more about Medieval Studies in English here.

Rhetoric and Writing: Rhetoric and Writing is the academic home within the English Department for faculty and students pursuing interests in exploring rhetoric, writing theory, professional writing, and technical communication. Most students focusing on Professional and Technical Writing choose to focus on courses that teach techniques in writing and editing, such as: Editing, Visual Rhetoric, Documentation, Grant & Proposal Writing, and Science, Environment, & Medical Writing. Students studying Professional and Technical writing also have the opportunity to complete an internship in one of many opportunities around Albuquerque. Learn more about the Professional Writing Internship program here. Other students interested in Writing Theory will take courses on English Grammars or Major Texts in Rhetoric. These students are also encouraged to take our practicum on Tutoring Writing. Rhetoric and Writing often has interesting special topics courses on a diverse range of topics, such as Writing and the Law. Rhetoric and Writing is a particularly rewarding opportunity for students with majors in other areas, students interested in going to graduate and law school, those studying education, or who want to write and edit for a living after they graduate.