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Undergraduate Study of Medieval Literature

Sutton Hoo hoardUndergraduates who wish to major in Old and Middle English Language and Literature can chose to do so either under department's Liberal Arts Concentration or the Pre-Graduate Concentration. Learn more about the requirements of these concentrations here: Liberal Arts, Pre-Graduate.

The Liberal Arts Concentration major allows students to study Old and Middle English language and literature broadly, selecting their 18 hours of electives from the wide range of courses offered at the undergraduate level including courses in World Literature, Surveys in Earlier and Later English Literature, Old and Middle English prose and poetry, Beowulf, Chaucer, Arthurian legend and the History of the English Language. This broad approach grounds students thoroughly in the rich history of English language and literature, allows a greater understanding of our modern culture, and develops their skills in research, analysis and persuasive argument.

Viking LongshipThe Pre-Graduate Concentration major is meant for students who intend to go on to pursue a degree at the Masters or PhD level. This concentration grounds students' knowledge in the major authors and literary movements of English literature in preparation for a more focused and limited study of Old and Middle English language and literature at the graduate level. Students wishing to concentrate on Old and Middle English will need to see a Medieval Studies advisor in order to select the appropriate 400 level and elective courses. Learn more about graduate work in Old and Middle English language and literature at UNM here.

Students who wish to pursue an undergraduate minor in Old and Middle English language and literature may do so under the department's minor in Medieval Period Studies, or the minor in Medieval Studies offered by the Institute for Medieval Studies.

sutton hoo hoardStudents pursuing studies in Old or Middle English language and literature have the opportunity to apply for the Joseph B. Zavadil Memorial Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship awarded annually. For more information please see the scholarship page.

To introduce students to a curricular trend known in the profession as medievalism, the department offers a multi-disciplinary 200-level course focusing on later or popular adaptations of Old and Middle English literature and thought, offering courses that deal with the work of Tolkien and Umberto Eco, as examples.

Learn more about the Old English and Middle English periods here.