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Minors in English

Like the major, the minor in English offers training and practice in writing, critical thinking, literary analysis, research, and the study of literary and rhetorical history. The skills and knowledge acquired in the minor, may give students an edge in finding positions in education and research, publishing, journalism, professional writing, editing, advertising, public relations, and management. English minors also stand to gain in their academic experience in other disciplines, for the critical and writing abilities acquired through the study of English are valued in all disciplines.
The English minor is for students who want to broaden their understanding of literature and literary history and/or to enhance their skills in writing and critical analysis or Rhetoric and Writing. To accommodate the various interests of students, we offer three minors: the Minor in English (18 hours), the Professional Writing Minor (18 hours), and the Minor in Period Studies (21 hours).

Minor in English- Requirements

The Minor in English is for students who want to take a variety of courses in British and American literature, writing, rhetoric, and/or criticism and theory . This minor has the following requirements:
3 hours from 294-297
Shakespeare (352 or 353)
3 hours from 449-454, 456-463, 470, or 486
9 hours of electives (at least 3 hours 300 level or above )

Professional Writing - Requirements

The Professional Writing Minor is for those who want primarily to develop their skills in writing and editing, documentation, website design, scientific and nature writing, medical writing, and/or biographical writing. This minor has the following requirements:
Eng 219 or 220 or 240
Eng 290
Eng 320, 416-420
9 hours from 219-20, 240, 320, 413-420, 441-443
Eng 499 Internship (optional)
(At least 9 hours must be 300 or above)

Period Studies - Requirements

The Period Studies minor offers a flexible, individually structured program of study for students who wish to take an interdisciplinary approach to the literature and culture of a particular historical period. This minor has the following requirements:
12 hours of English courses 200 level or above
9 hours of courses from two other disciplines.
(Consult faculty advisor for specific course recommendations.)